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Luxury Swimwear for the Beautifully Badass



Custom Competition Swimwear

You're putting in the work, now it's time to SHINE  on stage you beautifully badass woman! 

You have THREE options with AmandaLouise... check it out.

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Design Consultations

Through a FREE Design Consultation we'll discuss all the available options, your budget, and anything else you might be wondering about when it comes to stepping on stage in a tiny, sparkly bikini!

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Design Proposals

Totally overwhelmed by all the design options? Want some expert advice? I'll put together a design proposal with THREE gorgeous options designed just for YOU! Based on your coloring, likes/dislikes and my professional expertise, you're sure to find something you love.

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Choose a Pre-Designed Suit

We have tons of suits that were designed for other clients, as part of our rental collection, or just for fun! You can order a duplicate of any of these designs through our online store.

Join Us! 5.13.17


AmandaLouise is SO excited to announce the launch of our first Resort Line coming Summer 2017. This line will feature 5 sexy pieces that you will NOT find anywhere else! Until then, you can design your own Signature Bikini... 
The AmandaLouise Signature Beach Bikini

The AmandaLouise Signature Beach Bikini

The Blog

After competing for three years, and creating hundreds of suits for amazing athletes... I've learned A LOT about this whole competition thing! On the blog I share lessons learned about prep life, real life, and everything in between.