Where Will You Compete? INBA PNBA Global!

As I slowly come out of my baby bliss (Baby K is already almost SIX weeks old! WHAT?!), I'm so thrilled to continue the Where Will YOU Compete series. This series is really important to me, because I am truly passionate about women stepping on stage for the RIGHT reasons, and choosing the RIGHT stage for their goals and desires. Not everyone is on #OperationPROCard, desperate to be instagram famous and rep a big supplement brand. Some of us compete because we like having a goal to motivate us in the gym... or because we lost a ton of weight and are ready to put our new bod on stage for everyone to see... or because screw it, life's short, so why not get under those bright lights in crazy clear heals?! 

The point is, it's important to know that you have options... hence this series. The goal here is to allow any organization that wants to participate, to share FROM THEIR OWN MOUTH why YOU should compete with THEM. 

This edition of Who Will YOU Compete With?! features the INBA PNBA Global.

This interview was with Diana Kakos, CEO of the organization. BIG shout out to her and her team for being a part of our series!

Without further ado... let's get into it!

The INBA PNBA Global website is http://naturalbodybuilding.com


Athletes are given many choices when deciding which organization to compete with. Why should they choose yours?

INBA PNBA GLOBAL is the World's Largest, Best Tested, and awards the Most Cash & Prizes. Elite Natural Athletes enjoy the opportunity to compete in the most exciting venues all over the world. Pro Am World Championships "Italy" Pro Am Natural Universe "New Zealand" and Pro Am Natural Olympia "Las Vegas"


What makes your organization unique from others?

INBA PNBA is a Global Family, the competition experience goes way beyond the stage, elite natural athletes make friends for life. The INBA PNBA Global Family is always there for you in over 50 countries.


What divisions are included in your events?

All of our categories and their descriptions can be found on our website at https://naturalbodybuilding.com/


Does your organization require drug testing prior to competition? 



What would you like to share about your drug testing policy or philosophy?

INBA PNBA GLOBAL protects the integrity of the Elite Natural Athletes by utilizing the most sophisticated testing available in all of Sports, World Anti-Doping Agency "WADA"


In what countries does your organization have competitions?

In 50 countries!


Please provide a link (if available) to your 2017 show schedule.



What does it take to "Go Pro" with your organization? And what does being a Pro mean for the athlete? (Prize money? Sponsorships? Pro Card Fees?)

INBA Global runs PNBA Pro Qualifiers for it's amateur athletes. To "Go Pro" you must win an overall in an INBA Open category, or Masters category. This means you are PNBA Pro Qualified and are eligible to purchase your PNBA Elite Pro Card, and decide when and if you are ready to turn Pro. Once you step on the PNBA Pro stage you will win cash, prizes, and the opportunity to win a new car at the Pinnacle of Natural Sports, The Natural Olympia.


We like to be VERY transparent with our community about the costs associated with competing. What monetary investments can the athlete expect when choosing to compete with your league?

INBA Global Membership $75.00 PNBA Elite Membership $150.00 INBA Amateur Entry Fee $75.00 + PNBA Pro Entry Fee $250.00+ Testing Fee $75.00


What else would you like our community to know about your organization? 

INBA PNBA offers a wide variety of categories for all levels of elite natural athletes from amateur to professional: Novice, Open, Age Specific, Kids, Physically Challenged (Seated & Standing), Body Quest, etc.


If an athlete has questions about your organization and would like to send you an email... who should they contact?



And that's a wrap! Thank you again to Diana and the team at INBA PNBA Global for being a part of our series. 


Stay Beautiful...


Amanda Freick