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Competition Swimwear

It's how it all started... AmandaLouise is proud to create custom competition swimwear for Bikini athletes all over the globe. You can even RENT a pro level suit for you next show!! Use the links below to start the process.



New custom one pieces

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Since 2014 AmandaLouise has been creating luxury swimwear for women in the fitness competition industry. In 2017, we are proud to launch our first full line of resort wear to help our ladies feel beautifully badass on and off the competition stage. Our designs have YOU in mind. We want you to feel stunning, comfortable, and like a true BADASS walking out to the pool or onto the beach.

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Confessions of a fit Chick

A podcast that breaks down the barriers, removes the filters, and gets REAL about being a girl in this fitness world.


"This suit is LIFE CHANGING."

— Zoe of Zbody Fitness (@zoelivelovelift)

The ZBody Suit

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