Suit Trends at Team U

First off, we want to say a huge congratulations to Laura Coppersmith and Valerie Spinelli, who both took the National stage this last weekend at Team U in their custom AmandaLouise bikinis! Ladies, you KILLED IT!

Now, let's get down into the nitty gritty. I get asked a lot about what suit color to wear to a National competition, so I thought I'd break down the color trends from Team U to show you what everyone else is wearing. What YOU should wear depends on your hair color, skin tone, eye color, and overall vibe... but if you want to compare your choice to what will most likely be standing next to you... hopefully you find this helpful!

Ok, because you're dying to know... What was the most worn color at the 2017 Team Universe show? (We're just talking bikini here.) Have your guess? Are you sure??


Laura Coppersmith at Team U blue competition bikini


28% of all women on the Team U Stage were wearing a shade of Blue.

Over a quarter of the women on stage (28% to be exact) were rockin' my favorite color. There was a definite trend of the lighter royal / sky blues. Our girl Laura (above) fit into that trend. I like this trend... blue looks great on a ton of women. BUT, if you're looking to be different, blue may not be your top choice.

The second most popular color was Red. Our girl Valerie (below) rocked a dark red custom look, which I have to admit, I absolutely love on her. These deeper shades of red have been super popular with our clientele this year... but both the dark, and bright cherry reds were all over the Team U stage. 24% of all competitors were in Red.


24% of Bikini athletes wore a shade of red.

How about the rest of the colors? We went through the entire Bikini Open line up and put the data below together for you. 

Team U Suit Color Trends

The least worn color was Yellow. No surprise there... I only have two clients that I've EVER been OK with wearing yellow. It's a tricky one under stage lights with that gnarly tan.

One thing that did surprise me a bit was the drop off of the black suit trend. The last two years have been HOT for black suits. Can't say that I'm upset that it's starting to end. I'm more of a jewel tone girl myself.

I also dug into the color trends by class. Tell ya what, I always wear Blue... and I'm glad I wasn't at Team U this year. My class (the freaking tall class) was OVER 45% BLUE! Geez louise. You can see the breakdown of all the classes below.

Suit Color Trends by Height Class

If you didn't know, I'm actually an Electrical Engineer for my day job. Hence, why I love digging into this kind of data!! I hope you find this helpful, or at least interesting, when you're thinking about your next suit. Want to work together on one?? Lets Do It >>>


Until next time, Stay Beautiful...

Amanda Freick