Confessions of a Fit Chick - The Podcast

The podcast is over two years in the making...

A few years back, just over two to be exact, I called my girl Karey Northington (IFBB Bikini Pro, Owner of Protein House Gilbert and Northington Fitness & Nutrition) and said "I think I want to start a podcast. I'm going to call it Confessions of a Bikini Competitor and heres all the stuff I'm gonna talk about."

Her response, "Are you crazy? Amanda. Stop with all the things. You need to FOCUS! You already don't have enough time in the day."

She was right. At that point the universe wasn't ready for the podcast... I WASN'T READY. 

Well, fast forward to the end of 2017. The idea popped back into my head, but this time I was an experienced podcaster because of my entrepreneur show with Sidney Leigh (Motivated Boss Babes, go check it out!) and I had learned what it took to record and produce a podcast. This time when I called Karey her response was "Oh hell ya girl. It's time."

Confessions of a Fit Chick is my absolute favorite part of AmandaLouise right now. This podcast is dedicated to every woman who is in the fitness industry, on a fitness journey, or just wants to know the "inside scoop" on all us fitness chicks.


It's about REAL conversations into what our lives are like. Nothing is off limits, and so far, that is holding true. In the Confessional Episodes (weekly interviews with Fit Chicks that are launched on Mondays) we've talked about steroids, social comparison, mental health, and so much more. These are the meat of the podcast and I am OBSESSED with the amazing women who have been on the show.

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I also put out two other types of episodes. One is the WSSL (Work Smart, Stress Less) Series with Karey Northington, who we've dubbed as our fitness lifestyle guru. We try for weekly, but sometimes life gets in the way, lol. These episodes are where we dive into topics YOU want to hear. So far we've tackled things like dealing with scale weight, flexible dieting, and handling a non-supportive significant other. We have gotten incredible feedback on these episodes, and for that, I THANK YOU from the absolute bottom of my heart. If there's anything you want to hear, you can email us or leave a comment here! You can also use #WSSL on Instagram and we'll search it :) 

The last type of episode is my solo show called "Truthful Vibes." These quickie episodes are just me, bringing you a thought or idea that is in my heart at the moment. They'll be random, but so am I. 

I can't even begin to explain how much I love making this podcast, and all the amazing support it has gotten. I would LOVE to hear what you think, ideas for WHO you'd like to hear on the show, and topics for the WSSL Series!

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Thank you again for being a part of our badass community. We've truly built something special here, and you better believe that I am DAMN PROUD to be the one hosting you.

Amanda Freick