71: Your New Bestie is an Attorney - Conversation with Jamie Lieberman

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Today’s Episode…

Our guest... Jamie Lieberman

Jamie Lieberman has been a practicing attorney for nearly 15 years.  She is a seasoned speaker whose goal is to make legal and entrepreneurial topics accessible for everyone.  

As the owner and founder of Hashtag Legal, Jamie brings extensive experience drafting and reviewing contracts, advising clients on intellectual property issues, drafting website and mobile application terms and conditions, and negotiating on behalf of clients, coupled with a deep understanding of business and corporate law.  

Jamie is the co-host of the FearLess Business Podcast, which explores the tough business topics that most entrepreneurs seek to avoid and makes them less scary.

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Jamie Lieberman

‘Error on the side of disclosure’


The Conversation

Jamie is not only an incredible attorney, but she’s MY attorney!! She has 15years of experience in a “bid corp” law firm and then she decided to open up her own shop Hashtag Legal.

She recommends that if you are starting a business, or already own one, that “legal” should just be a line item on your budget.

“Error on the side of disclosure”

Two things to consider: Terms & Conditions and Disclaimers.

Doing a sponsored post? Just add “#ad” to it!

Don’t forget you need a Privacy Policy if you’re running a biz and collecting any personal information.

THE BURNOUT with Jamie

What are you most excited about right now? Becoming the sole owner of Hashtag Legal and “The Fearless Business Podcast”

What is the best under $100 fitness or wellness purchase you've made? My spin shoes!

What is your best piece of advice for a fellow fit chick? Legal doesn’t have to be scary. Find someone you trust.

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