72: The Competitive Advantage - Conversation with Fred Sexton

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Today’s Episode…


Our guest... Fred Sexton


  • Pharmaceutical industry senior Operations and R&D executive, entrepreneur, and inventor with numerous domestic and international patents in the area of drug delivery and healthcare management systems

  • 38 years of experience building, improving and managing companies in the US and abroad

  • Held senior positions with Boehringer Ingelheim, Purdue Pharma, and Kos Pharmaceuticals

  • Part of the management team that took Kos Pharmaceuticals public

  • Held several board positions, and mostly recently, as a managing director, was instrumental in the turnaround of ColdStream Laboratories leading to a successful exit.


  • Married for 35 years to Lisa, the most wonderful and beautiful woman in the world.

  • Father of two athletic sons (Forrest & Dakota). Forrest played NCAA soccer and was the inspiration behind the development of XRCEL Athlete Fuel.

  • Lives in Charleston, SC


The Conversation

Fred’s impressive background in pharmaceuticals, matched with his passion for sports (including being a “Soccer Dad”) inspired the development of Xrcel Athlete Fuel.

This is NOT Gatorade and does NOT include caffeine.

Looking for a competitive advantage? Then this is the product for you!!!

You’ll have to listen in for all the great details… CAUSE, it’s too good to spoil it here!

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