67: My Road to the Arnold - Confession with Jessica Ambeau

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Today’s Episode…

Our guest... Jessica Ambeau

Jessica Ambeau is an avid bikini competitor who was a previous WBFF Fitness Pro, and now a NPC Nationally Qualified athlete.

She’s transitioned from a life of partying, to a life of fitness dedication that is absolutely amazing, and so very rewarding. She’s a sponsored athlete with AmandaLouise and is stepping on stage at the Arnolds in 2019.


Jessica Ambeau

‘Having a few close people in my life that really do support it is everything.’


The Conversation

Jessica is one of our AMAZING sponsored athletes :)

She had gotten into a bad spot into her life, partying and making not so amazing questions. At the time her boyfriend (now husband) was into bodybuilding and was looking at photos online. Jessica saw a picture of Amanda Adams and made the decision right then to do her first show.

Her first show was a 6 month prep and a 30lb weight loss with Joe Cristiano as her coach.

She started with the local natural shows, but wanted MORE competition.

She then started with the WBFF, where she loved the fashion aspect of the shows. in 2013 she went Pro in the Fitness division.

In 2014 she did WBFF Worlds, and something had changed… she had lost that fire that was driving her to compete, so she took 2 years off.

In 2016 she made her comeback, this time in the NPC.

She’s stepping on stage at the Arnolds this month, which has been a major goal for her. She has a calmness this show that is new… listen in for more on this, cause it is GOOD.

She really values the opinion of her coach, as she knows she is not a good judge of visibly judging her progress. (Her coach is Ron Primrano)

We talk about one of our favorite comments… the importance of a good coach.

Her biggest challenge throughout her comeback to the NPC… giving up her WBFF pro card.

She shares how she balances her successful career with a successful fitness journey.

THE BURNOUT with Jessica

What are you most excited about right now? The Arnold.

What is the best under $100 fitness or wellness purchase you've made? Gym Shark Leggings

What is your best piece of advice for a fellow fit chick? Be patient because it takes time to get the results that you want.

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