68: This Isn't a Hobby - Confession with IFBB Bikini Pro Katie Cole

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Today’s Episode…

Our guest... Katie Cole

Katie Cole is a newly crowned IFBB Bikini Pro.   She's mom of 2 living that #fitlife and is passionate about inspiring other moms her to embrace health and fitness.  She went from average stay at home mom to IFBB Bikini pro in 3 years and over this time gained a wealth of knowledge about how to transform you home and body...but most importantly how to flip your mindset and create a positive environment for change .      


Katie Cole

‘If you don’t like it, look away.’


The Conversation

Katie and I chat all about how she went from a stay at home mom to a professional athlete with the IFBB.

She also coaches local lifestyle clients… you’ll love what she has to say about that experience.

THE BURNOUT with Jessica

What are you most excited about right now? Being an IFBB Pro

What is the best under $100 fitness or wellness purchase you've made? Sketchers leggings from Costco!

What is your best piece of advice for a fellow fit chick? Do you. Don’t listen to the noise.

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