66: Creating a Movement in the Fitness Industry - Confession with Claire Rae

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Today’s Episode…

Our guest... Claire Rae

Claire Rae is an internationally published cover model, a certified trainer and the creator and life coach of The Body Makeover Movement.

Claire’s goal is to help inspire, motivate and educate people to live a healthy all natural and balanced life, while striving towards personal fitness and life goals. She has 10 years experience at the Pro Fitness competitive level with many titles. She has been an advocate for healthy natural eating and excels at educating people on how to live the fitness lifestyle, while still enjoying all that life has to offer.

Claire’s vision is to create a Healthy Movement by bringing facts and ideas to the homes of people around the world with this online experience.

The Sky is the limit when you feel healthy in your mind, body and soul.
-Claire Rae


Claire Rae

‘All you can really do is care about people.’


The Conversation

Claire started her fitness journey in High School playing sports. She was always interested in different diets and fascinated by food.

She then turned to the party scene in her 20’s, but came out of it with a decision to compete.

She turned Pro (WBFF) and hit the professional stage for 10 years, but got tired of the system. She was really there for the social aspect at the end, not for the competition.

With a need for balance, she left the stage and decided to create what she wish already existed in the Body Makeover Movement.

BMM features giving away REAL prizes for amazing fitness transformations.

Through BMM, Claire has written 6 books, provides nutritional education, and helps people transform their lives. She encourages getting away from sports supplements and focusing on whole, natural foods.

The program is all online, and has a huge competition that leads up to an epic trip every year. This summer they’ll be yachting in Europe, with one lucky winner going for FREE! (And PS. everyone is invited… sooooo… new bikinis anyone?!)

Claire believes that your fitness journey should be celebrated, rather than putting yourself through the rigor of stepping on stage.

You can join the Movement through the Shift Program. (It’s 50% off right now!!)

THE BURNOUT with Claire Rae

What are you most excited about right now? The celebration retreat to Europe, and my current home renovation.

What is the best under $100 fitness or wellness purchase you've made? My blender! I’m a smoothie freak

What is your best piece of advice for a fellow fit chick? Live authentically. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

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