Some Beautifully Badass Women

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN's DAY! How fun is that?! I didn't even know that was a thing... In honor of this beautifully badass holiday, I want to shout out some women who are big time inspiration in my life and business. 


Lori Harder - Lori is a fitness model / self love guru / all the things wonderful. I met her at FITPosium two years ago and instantly had a mad girl crush.  Her podcast "Earn Your Happy" is my go-to when I need some motivation or a pick me up. She was also the reason why I publicly announced at FITPosium 2016 that AmandaLouise would be launching a resort line this year. I'll save that story for another time. Anyways, she's amaze balls and you need to check her out.


Nicole LapinNicole is someone I came across on one of my favorite biz podcasts, EoFire. She was being interviewed about her book Rich Bitch, which is an amazing 12 step process to taking over your finances. I literally pulled over on the side of the highway after the EoFire episode to download the book on Audible. She's f*cking hilarious, tells it like it is, and swears like a sailor.. which if you know me, I appreciate. Her newest book, Boss Bitch, launches on March 21st!!!! I'm a proud ambassador for the book (because it's amazing) and highly recommend it to any woman who wants to level up their career / business / life. 


Karey Northington - Karey is my business bestie, an IFBB Bikini Pro, and true friend. She's the co-owner of Northington Fitness and Nutrition with her awesome husband Eric, where they are slowly taking over the fitness world. Her approach to fitness and weight-loss is so practical, and so SAFE. In a market full of get ripped quick schemes and scary supplements, Karey keeps it real to set achievable goals through logical plans. I've loved watching her business explode over the last couple years... keep it up my friend!


Sarah Lyons - Sarah is the owner of PictureGroove Photography, and a serious badass. Her work is for real breath taking, but more so, she's just an awesome human. We also met at FITPosium 2015, and from there our little love affair formed. We've now joined up to create some awesome work together, including the Epic Tulum 2016 Photo Shoot Experience that was a wild success. We're STOKED to be planning more EPIC trips, including a trip back to where it all started later this year.


There are seriously SO many amazing women out there who constantly remind me to put on my big girl panties and rock this life. (Look in the mirror, YOU are one of them.) I'd have to write a book to mention them all (but hey, maybe someday I WILL write a book?!) 

Anyways, I hope you take a moment today to be thankful for the beautifully badass women who influence you, who lift you up, and who make you smile. 


Stay Beautiful...

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