Where Will You Compete? THE UFE!

I am SO thrilled to be bringing you the first interview in our "Where will YOU compete" series! This blog series is design to help you, the athlete, make an educated decision about which stage you'll step on as a competitor.

Our first interview is with Sean Everingham, President of Ultimate Fitness Events.

The "UFE" definitely has some amazing things to offer their athletes!!! Read on to check them out.


Athletes are given many choices when deciding which organization to compete with. Why should they choose yours?

We believe UFE has a distinct competitive advantage among natural organizations in several ways: 1) our event production makes competitors feel like they're a part of something big; a stage worthy of the hard work they've invested in getting there 2) our staff ensures that the event experience is positive and the atmosphere is one of camaraderie 3) our competitors gain more industry exposure in terms of sponsorships and magazine coverage than any other organization 4) competitors have a chance to qualify for the UFE World Championships in Toronto, Canada and the Mr. America Expo in Baltimore, USA - two of the most prestigious competitions in the industry which draw an unmatched calibre of competitors.


What makes your organization unique from others?

Our emphasis on the event experience.  We invest heavily into the production of the events and our staff ensures that everyone feels welcome as part of a UFE family.


What divisions are included in your events?

All of our categories and their descriptions can be found on our website at http://ufeshows.com/categories


Does your organization require drug testing prior to competition? 



What would you like to share about your drug testing policy or philosophy?

We rely strictly on urinalysis for our drug testing.  We are the only organization in the industry to publish the actual lab reports on our website with the names of those who were tested.  This assures people that we are actually doing the tests we say we are.


In what countries does your organization have competitions?

Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia/New Zealand/Phillipines (through our international affiliate, ANB)


Please provide a link (if available) to your 2017 show schedule.



What does it take to "Go Pro" with your organization? And what does being a Pro mean for the athlete? (Prize money? Sponsorships? Pro Card Fees?)

Earning PRO status is not easy with UFE.  Our tier system ensures only the best of the best step on stage as UFE PRO's.  This has earned us the reputation of having the most prestigious PRO card in natural fitness.  The calibre we attract has led to magazine coverage and huge PAID sponsorships in addition to international organizations wanting to send their best people to compete with us in order to earn UFE PRO status.  UFE PRO's earn cash prizes and, magazine and supplement company representatives are in attendance every year at our PRO show.  UFE PRO's pay an annual membership fee of $150 which goes towards enhancing the Professional division (ie: the very best venue, production of worldwide webcast, increasing cash prizes, etc).


We like to be VERY transparent with our community about the costs associated with competing. What monetary investments can the athlete expect when choosing to compete with your league?

The typical competitor will pay a membership of $80.  This membership is valid for 12 full months (as opposed to the calendar year with most organizations).  Entry fees range from $100 at the Novice level to $140 at the Elite level, so the cost to compete with us is quite reasonable.  We also have early entry discounts and big discounts for competitors who compete as a team.


What else would you like our community to know about your organization? 

We encourage everyone to see for yourselves what our organization has to offer. 


If an athlete has questions about your organization and would like to send you an email... who should they contact?



And there you have it... a great look at the UFE! I have to say, I've been VERY impressed with the leadership team at this organization. And a little secret for you; there is a team that competes with the UFE that is sponsored by AmandaLouise!!!! Want more info? Shoot me a note and I'll hook you up!


Stay Beautiful...

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