12 Days of Holidays - Day 10: 3 Planners to Get Yourself Organized

I love a good planner. I've spent more money than I'd like to admit on every kind of planner you can imagine. There's something about pen and paper that just really make me happy... you'll never find me 100% digital.

For my paper loving badasses out there, here are my top 3 picks for planners to use in 2017.

1. The Bullet Journal - Ok, so this isn't an actual "planner"... more of a theory on how to create your own. I'm a big doodler, I love to make up my own symbols and tracking systems, and I don't like to be confined to small spaces. With all that, I've had a hard time finding true day planners that really meet my needs. Enter, the Bullet Journal. Bullet Journaling is a more free-form approach where you start with a blank journal, and create your own systems to track your life. I FREAKING LOVE IT. But BEWARE, you can get lost in Pinterest hell on this one. Some people have insanely ornate pages and layouts with different color pens, washi tape, and freaking gorgeous handwriting. Mine is all in black ink (with the occasional colorful doodle) and I stick to simple daily entries that include to-do's, accomplishments, and reminders. Check out THIS GREAT RESOURCE to get started.

2. Creative 365: The Happy Planner - If I wasn't using a Bullet Journal, this would be my next choice. (And it's also what I used before bullet journaling.) I love all the colors, designs, and layouts they have available. You can go nuts with extras on this one, so if you're a weakling for pretty things (like me) watch out... or at least take a coupon with you to Michael's! (That's where I got mine.)

3. The Passion Planner - This one just makes me smile. The story behind the planner is awesome, they layouts are beautiful, and they have TONS of quality information on their website to help you take on the new year like a true badass. This one is also a little smaller than the Happy Planner, so take that into consideration!


Ok, off to get my Bullet Journal daily entry all set up! Happy Planning ya Beautiful Badass!!


Stay Beautiful...

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