12 Days of Holidays - Day 11: 2 Ways for Custom Design!

I work with so many competitors each year... and there's three categories I can pretty much put everyone into:

1. The "I know exactly what I want"

2. The "I kinda know, but need a little help with the final details"

3. The "I have a million pictures saved on my phone and don't know where to start"


Because of this I've structured how AmandaLouise does custom competition suits to meet the needs of all three groups.

If you fall into categories #1 or #2, I highly recommend scheduling a Design Consultation. These are 20 minute sessions with me where we go over what you're looking for, any changes I would make to create the ideal look, and discuss your options. These sessions can be done by simple telephone call, Skype, Facetime, or even a webinar if you'd like to include a Coach that isn't physically there with you.

If you fall into category #3, there seemed to previously not be a lot of options for you to get help. I googled a TON when I first started competing, and it seemed like I needed to really choose it all myself and hope for the best. You could ask friends, coaches, team mates... but there wasn't any professional suit designers out there who were offering their time to help. Because I would have LOVED for a designer to help me, I'm here to help YOU!!

The AmandaLouise Design Proposal is a PDF document I create that contains 3 options of custom suits that are specifically designed with YOU in mind.

I have you fill out a simple questionnaire, send over some of those inspiration pictures, and then I get to work. This allows me to get super creative, take into account what I know will work on stage on your physique, and provide valuable input from my knowledge of the different leagues and judging criteria. After you receive your proposal, you can simply purchase one of the custom designs I've created, or schedule a Design Consult so we can tweak things to your personal needs until it's absolutely perfect. And if you decide to take those designs to another designer? Or change your mind completely on what you're looking for?? No problem. These proposals are 100% just to help you get to your dream suit... of course I would love to be the designer that creates it for you, but more importantly, I just want you to feel gorgeous on stage.


So, let's make 2017 an epic year where you rock your DREAM SUIT on stage!!!!!


Stay Beautiful...

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