12 Days of Holidays - Day 9: 4 Reasons to be Healthy in 2017

There are so many reasons to live a healthy lifestyle, and so many reasons to NOT make it a New Years Resolution. That said, I think we can all agree that the new year brings with it a sense of a new beginning, a time for change, and a time of serious motivation. 

I wanted to share my top 4 reasons that I'll be leading a healthy lifestyle in 2017. Maybe it will inspire some reasons within you that will help you stick to your plans! (I know that I need all the motivation I can get!!!!!)

1. I'm About To Be a MOM. Holy Sh*t. So ya, that's gonna happen... pretty much any time in January / early February is fair game for our son to join us in this crazy world. Since this is my first little one, I have NO idea what I'm getting myself into, but I do know that all of life's challenges are tackled better when you're at your physical best (or the best you can be!) To prepare for this insane journey I'll be packing our freezer full of delicious and nutritious meals, keeping up with as much physical activity as possible, and starting to set the example of being a healthy individual from my son's first days. Now, this could all go out the window... but at least that's the plan!!

2. To Be An Inspiration. I don't think many realize how much your choices influence those around you. When I first started training (like for real, not just being a cardio bunny) I had a lot of people hating on my lifestyle. We've talked about this before... but for every hater, there is at least one person looking at you with eyes of awe, thinking "I wish I could do that." Be the person who shows them THEY CAN. I have a couple people in my life now who have expressed that they started their own fitness journey after seeing mine. Talk about humbling...

3.  I'm BUSY. Ya, we all are... but I know that this next few months is going to push me to my absolute limits. We've got the baby, a full house remodel going on (that we're doing mostly ourselves), I have a full time demanding career (that I only get 6wks off for Maternity) AND I'm knee deep in the design process for the AmandaLouise Summer Resort Collection. That last one is a real doozie. This is not the one of a kind, custom pieces you're used to seeing come out of my little sewing studio... This is a full blown, commercial, luxury, find it in a store near you resort line of swimwear. Just typing it puts me on the edge of my seat with excitement (and pure terror.) All that said, it's going to be easy to "workout tomorrow" or "just grab drive through on the way home." The goal is to beat the easy, stay prepared, and make sure I keep my health (and my sanity) as I enter this crazy phase of life.

4. To Get My Body Back! Now, I know not all of us will be working off a pregnancy... but I know that I HAVE spent pretty much every new year going "ugh, why did I eat all those gingerbread cookies!!!" Let's be honest ladies, a big part of why we workout and meal prep is to LOOK a certain way. I've got a new swimwear line launching and you better believe I'll be back in a bikini by Summer!!!


So, there you have it. My reasons to be healthy as we head off into 2017. What are your reasons?? I'd love to hear them!!!!

Stay Beautiful...

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