95: Just be a BADASS- Confession with IFBB Pro Stephanie Sequiera

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Stephanie Sequiera

Our guest Stephanie…

I spent 4 years running track and cross-country in High School and took up weightlifting and bikini modeling while in college at the University of Florida.  I spent my time Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology while also taking Nutrition Classes and personal training individuals all around the country. After receiving my bachelor's degree, I went on and obtained my Master's degree from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL. 

My interest in fitness started when I was in high school. Ever since then, I have improved my technique and helped many individuals throughout the years. My qualifications have also helped me reach my own individual goals and with that motivation allowed me to keep learning. I am now focused on coaching hundreds of athletes to step on stage.

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@theabchick www.theabchick.com

Listen in to hear how she went from the Overall at the regional level, to LAST PLACE at Jr Nationals, and eventually got that pro card.


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Most Excited About - Getting that Top 5 at the pro level

Best piece of advice - Stop categorizing yourself as a “woman” and just be a BADASS.

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