81: It All Starts In My Freaking Head - Confession with Lauren Johnican

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Today’s Episode…


Laura Frecon

Our guest... Laura Frecon

 Lauren Johnican is a WBFF Pro Fitness Diva who’s been with the WBFF since 2014, both on stage and backstage.  She’s a veteran serving the military as a pilot for 14 years and has expanded her profession as a commercial pilot.  Lauren promotes physical and mental health at home and on the road.  She’s an advocate and performance coach for women with demanding professions and unwavering responsibilities to create a lifestyle for their fitness goals and peace of mind that lasts a lifetime. 

The Conversation

Lauren shares her journey from a military life, to WBFF Pro, and now a commercial airline pilot.

If you’re worried about “balancing it all” during prep, this conversation is for you!

The Burnout with Laura…

Best $100 or less on Fitness or Wellness: 10% Happier by Dan Harris

What are you MOST excited about? Performance Coaching

What is your BEST piece of advice? Forgive Yourself

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