79: Chase the Resistance - Confession with Andrea Robinson

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Today’s Episode…

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Andrea Robinson

Our guest... Andrea Robinson

I’m Andrea Robinson, a Mama of 2 crazy fun kiddos, loving wife to a hot hubs and a former local TV news anchor. Former, because I left my career in September of 2018, after nearly 14 years of 2:30am alarm clocks. I had the responsibility of waking up the wonderful state of Arizona every morning as co-host of the top rated morning show in the valley. I started as an intern at the station in 2004 with a dream of one day being a television news anchor - and that dream came true.

The path to my career was unlikely but I soared through every opportunity and embraced each of them with enthusiasm. I have had the privilege of telling thousands of stories of everyday people with extraordinary spirits. I have interviewed politicians, athletes, celebrities, world-changers and everyday heroes.

However, even with all that, when it’s time to move on ya’ just know...ya know? Scary as heck but so thrilling too! Can you relate?

Here I am navigating life and a new chapter and when I am not here...what the heck do I love doing?!

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee. I never want to know life without it.

2. I love to run...lots of miles. I am not fast but let this sister run.

3. I love CrossFit but I am not good and I scale every workout. YOU DO YOU.

4. I love motivational quotes and probably have more saved to my camera roll than pictures

of my own kids. OOPS.

5. I love Jesus. Like LOVE Him. I am learning to walk closer to Him everyday. It’s a


6. I love to write. Like love long winded text messages to friends, long posts on Instagram

and it’s likely why I don’t love Twitter...150 characters ummm do they even know me? 7. I love wine. Sparkly, red or white or rose’ on a hot summer day in Phoenix. 8. I love kind-hearted people, they are the pulse in my life. 9. I love bargain shopping. We used to be $52,000 in debt so I learned real fast how to find

$10 dresses that are bangin’ hot! 10. I love to travel but my favorite days are home with my favorite people.


The Conversation

Andrea shares her story of coming from the morning news to shaping a whole new life.

The Burnout with Margie…

Best $100 or less on Fitness or Wellness: Groupon to Hot Yoga

What are you MOST excited about? This new chapter of life

What is your BEST piece of advice? We play life WAY too safe. Take risk!!!!

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