78: Depression, Re-Invention and Thriving - Confession with Margie Clegg

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Today’s Episode…


Margie Clegg

Our guest... Margie Clegg

Margie Clegg is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Nutrition Specialist and owner of Margie Clegg Fitness.  Margie gained her love of health and fitness teaching group fitness while simultaneously obtaining her PhD in Materials Engineering.

At the age of 49 Margie had a cancer scare and subsequent surgery.  Gratefully everything was benign. However after surgery Margie fell into a post-surgical depression.   After finally realizing things had to change, she left her engineering career and rekindled her love for health and fitness.  

Margie is on a mission to empower women to discover the best versions of themselves through fitness and nutrition.  She loves being very interactive with her in-person and online clients and has a special passion for working with women age 46-64.  

Her approach is not “diet” based, but rather lifestyle based.  Margie helps women transform their relationships with not only food and exercise, but with themselves by emphasizing sustainable changes that allow them to reach their goals while still enjoying balance.  As a result, her clients feel the best they have felt physically and mentally in years.

Margie lives in Northern California with her husband, Randy, and their German Shepherd, Jax


The Conversation

Margie shares how she has re-invented herself multiple times throughout her life, and how that is shaped what she is doing now. Get ready for such a wonderful conversation!!!

The Burnout with Margie…

Best $100 or less on Fitness or Wellness: First set of weights

What are you MOST excited about? 51 and Proud of it!!

What is your BEST piece of advice? Follow your passion, it’s never too late.

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