74: STRONGER with Mindful Eating - Confession with IFBB Figure Pro Megan Rigby

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Today’s Episode…


Megan Rigby

I dont want to be your forever coach. I want to be your last coach!

Our guest... Megan Rigby

I have worked in the medical profession since 2005. I graduated with my Bachelors of Nursing in 2006 and worked as an ICU nurse while attending Graduate school. I obtained my Doctorate Degree in 2013 with a emphasis on “Treatment/Prevention of Family-Obesity.” I have always loved teaching others the importance of living a healthier life. I am lucky enough to have found an outlet that combines my career and passion.

Growing up I was a physically active individual and casually worked out, but my true love for fitness began when I was obtaining my Graduate Degree. With a crazy school schedule and working night shift I made excuses to avoid the gym. I was staying up late studying and eating unhealthy foods, which left me tired and never feeling well. I made the decision to get back in the gym and improve my nutrition.  It was a personal goal to get healthy in 2009 and I never looked back.

When I began working out in Graduate school I stumbled upon the “competing” world. I did my first 3 shows while finishing up my degree.  I found this kept me driven and regimented in my busy life. The gym and competitions were a great stress relief and hobby. After school, I was able to focus on my shows a bit more. Personal curiosity made me wonder how far I could take my love for competing.  Within the first 2 years I was able to obtain my IFBB Figure Pro Card. I have since competed in 3 Pro Shows and made a conscious decision to hang up the heels. I was no longer leading a balance lifestyle and found myself unhappy with my overall physique off the stage.


The Conversation

Megan has a deep medical background that helps give her a solid foundation for helping women with their health and wellness.

She is the co-founder of the STRONGER event with Karey Northington

Her new program, Redefine Breakable, is releasing soon and focused on getting your MIND set up before you take on any major physical or diet changes.

The Burnout with Megan…

Best $100 or less on Fitness or Wellness: LuLu Lemon pants “all the right places”

What are you MOST excited about? My IVF journey and the STRONGER event

What is your BEST piece of advice? Give yourself grace, and heal the INSIDE.

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