6: Limiting Temptations & Me VS. Me - Confession from Amanda Martinez

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Amanda Martinez is not only an accomplished bikini athlete, but a full time nurse and a woman battling a hereditary auto immune disease with grace and confidence.

A little about Amanda:

  • Full time Labor and Delivery Nurse (her unit delivers over 600 babies a YEAR!)
  • Mom of FOUR!
  • Marathons -> Bikini Competitions (nationally qualified)
  • Gluten and Dairy Free
  • Next show tentatively in Reno in April

Amanda started her "fitness" journey as a child bringing excuse notes to school to get out of P.E. classes. In her twenties she started running, and it took off from there. She ended up participating in marathons, and eventually triathlons and became a serious athlete.

It had to become Me vs. Me
— Amanda Martinez

After a divorce gave her the mental and physical space she needed, her fitness path led her to bikini competitions. 

Amanda's Meal Plan

  • Due to an auto-immune disease, Amanda is gluten and dairy free.
  • Her macros are counted on a WEEKLY basis, giving her more flexibility
  • She's a creature of habit and uses the same basic meals to limit temptations
    • Chicken in the crock pot (see below for AmandaLouise's sure fire recipe)
    • Salad Mix
    • Fruit
    • Egg Whites
  • She keeps a vegan protein powder on hand all the time for an emergency snack

Amanda's Tech

My Fitness Pal - Can't say enough about this app. GREAT for tracking food, especially if you're a beginner!

FitBot - Software for personal trainers

A Tip from Amanda

You can absolutely get to the stage, even with a demanding day job! You just have to limit those temptations.

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