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Karey Northington

Karey Northington is the owner of Northington Fitness and Nutrition, ProteinHouse Gilbert, writer/ blogger, and a published fitness cover model. She holds a Bachelor's degree in both Nursing and Psychology. Karey is a CISSN certified sports nutritionist and certified personal trainer. She is an IFBB professional athlete in the bikini division. Karey knows how to work smart and stress less- this wife and mom has built a multiple six-figure fitness business while working full- time as a school nurse. 



The Conversation

The holidays can be really tricky with events and family and ALL THE THINGS. Here are some great strategies to make sure you come out the other side happy and healthy.

  • There is NO RIGHT OR WRONG!!!! Just what’s RIGHT FOR YOU.

  • Going somewhere for a big meal? Bring a dish to contribute that is something you can “default" to… meaning you know it’s a good option for where you’re at right now.

  • Check out the Skinny Taste Cookbook for some great ideas!

  • PORTION CONTROL!!!! Are you starving when you go to these events and then eat everything in sight?! Try having a healthy meal or snack before you go so you’re not tempted to go overboard.

  • Bring your own “libations” (booze) so you can control the calories you’re consuming from drinks.

  • Dont want to drink? Or want to really limit, but have a nervous tendancy to want to sip? Try using sparkly water (and for bonus points, mix in some BCAAs! Here are Amanda’s Favorite Blue Raspberry ones by Metabolic.)

  • Don’t chit chat next to the appetizer or buffet tables… make a plate and go sit down so you limit the temptation of mindless eating

  • Don’t underestimate the POWER OF MOVEMENT! Whether it’s taking a nice walk to get some exercise with family or friends, or simply removing yourself from a tempting situation, MOVE YOUR BODY and watch the magic with your mindset happen.

  • FOOD PUSHERS - we’ve all experienced this. Simply use “No Thank You.” Don’t make excuses, you have 100% control over what you consume.

We go a little “woo woo” at the end, but really it’s all about being in a state of gratitude. You can’t be stressed or angry when you’re in gratitude. It’s amazing.

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