54: Competing is my SELF LOVE - Confession with Bryanna Barcelo

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The Updates…

I have recently become OBSESSED with Essential Oils!!!

My favorite way to use them in my office is by diffusing them in a diffuser. My go-to morning blend right now is Peppermint and Wild Orange. (<< Those are links to the oils I use) Together they provide an energizing aroma that puts me in the perfect mood to OWN the day!

Want to learn more about using essential oils in your Fit Chick life? STAY TUNED!!! We have some REALLY amazing things up ahead… and if you just can’t wait and want a sneak peek, shoot me an email at info@amandalouiseswimwear.com and put “OILS” in the subject!

The Mindful Competitor Program

I can’t even begin to explain my excitement for this. Launching THIS WEEK… The Mindful Competitor Program. 13 Modules filled with meditations, journaling prompts and MORE to help you glide through prep as a happy, healthy, badass version of yourself.

Use the link below to get access to my first FREE module, all about dealing with COMPARISON!

Today’s Episode…

Our guest... Bryanna Barcelo

I am a full time critical care Registered Nurse with a double bachelor degree in Spanish and Public Health. Because of my education, I have in depth knowledge of the body's physiology which allows me to understand the mechanics of nutrition, the cardiovascular system, and muscular system... which is great news for you because this allows me to best tailor training and dieting to your needs!

A little more about me, I decided to start this page after realizing that there were so many girls needing help with competition prep/posing. After helping more and more girls I also realized how much I enjoy doing it! I seriously cant wait to help you rock the stage!!

I am a nationally qualified bikini competitor and top 6 at USAs nationals 2017. This year I will be hitting the national stages once again, hopefully alongside some of you, the beautiful girls I will train!


Bryanna Barcelo

I forgot my headphones and I actually ran faster!


The Conversation

Bryanna has a full time career as a Critical Care Registered Nurse

She’s been competing for years, and believes its the strides with her mental toughness that has contributed most to her success

A few things that have helped Bryanna mentally during prep:

  1. Using the affirmation “I am in total control”

  2. Don’t worry about the stuff that you CANT control

  3. The past is in the past, focus on the future

  4. Celebrate the success of others rather than feel jealousy or comparison


  6. Be clear on the WHY of competing

2019 is all about the National circuit for Bryanna, which means it’s even more important for her game to be spot on.

We chat about the power of visualization, especially in the world of fitness competitions.

If she could tell herself something when she started it would be “Just keep going. Dont give up.”

THE BURNOUT with Bryanna

What are you most excited about right now? THANKSGIVING (and tricking her family with cauliflower mashers) and also the 2019 competition season

What is the best under $100 fitness or wellness purchase you've made? Hydroflask

What is your best piece of advice for a fellow fit chick? If you want to step on stage, do your research and hire a REALLY GOOD COACH who will focus on ALL elements of prep (not just the diet and exercise.)

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