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We are going to CHANGE THE WAY you do Prep!

I can’t even begin to explain my excitement for this. Launching NEXT WEEK… The Mindful Competitor Program. 13 Modules filled with meditations, journaling prompts and MORE to help you glide through prep as a happy, healthy, badass version of yourself.

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Truthful Vibes

These episodes will be just me, Amanda, coming at you with a topic or story that is on my heart to share with you. The more we can learn and grow from each other, the more we can all elevate and lead our most badass lives possible! I'm so happy you're here, and to be a part of your life.



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These three practices have literally changed my entire life for the better.

  1. The Holy Instant - I learned about this from Gabby Bernstein. She is INCREDIBLE. But basically, you’re taking a moment, within the chaos, to be GRATEFUL. You’ll be amazed at the overwhelming sense of peace that is possible. I loved reading about this in Gabby’s book https://amzn.to/2RCNC8a

  2. Visualize Your Perfect Day - This one I got from Hustle Believe Receive. And OH do I love it. I walk through my perfect morning in my head as I fall asleep. I never get past my first cup of coffee… but it allows me to fall asleep in a POSITIVE state of mind.

  3. Stop Scrolling, Start Reading - Who else is guilty of picking up your phone to check the time, and all of a sudden you realize you’ve been staring at Insta for like 20 min?! Ya, it’s an issue. Well now when I catch myself doing this… ESPECIALLY before bed, I switch apps to Kindle and open a book. It’s done wonders.

  1. I would love to hear if you tried and loved these!!! Head over to the FB group and let’s chat! (link below)

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