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Karey Northington

Karey Northington is the owner of Northington Fitness and Nutrition, ProteinHouse Gilbert, writer/ blogger, and a published fitness cover model. She holds a Bachelor's degree in both Nursing and Psychology. Karey is a CISSN certified sports nutritionist and certified personal trainer. She is an IFBB professional athlete in the bikini division. Karey knows how to work smart and stress less- this wife and mom has built a multiple six-figure fitness business while working full- time as a school nurse. 



The Conversation

Thinking about stepping on stage in 2019? You need to have a MENTAL PLAN!

What is your WHY for stepping on stage?

If you’re coming off of prep… DO NOT jump back in if you can’t find “real life” balance. Feel good? It went well? GO FOR IT!

If you’re a female lifter, the science will show you that without “help” (read between the lines there), you’re going to MAYBE 3lbs of muscle PER YEAR if you’re super intentional. And that will go DOWN as time goes on. You have to eat and lift for your goals.

Blips vs Abandonment - Having a “blip” on a plan is OK. You’re human. You shouldn’t be feeling guilty about this. Complete abandonment? That’s another story.

Karey’s tip - GET A TRAINING JOURNAL!!!!!

If you’re miserable in prep… maybe bodybuilding is not for you. Let’s have a REAL conversation with yourself.

If the judges tell you to change your entire look, and you LOVE your current look… you need to think about what YOU want before making changes.

Find a structure for ON and OFF prep.

If you’re new to competing, Karey’s advice is to START WITH AN OFF SEASON.

Some Freaking Awesome Resources For YOU!

The Glute Lab Gilbert - www.northingtonfitnessandnutrition.com

The Mindful Competitor Program - www.amandalouise.life/mindfulprep

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