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Truthful Vibes

These episodes will be just me, Amanda, coming at you with a topic or story that is on my heart to share with you. The more we can learn and grow from each other, the more we can all elevate and lead our most badass lives possible! I'm so happy you're here, and to be a part of your life.



In This Podcast

- Recap of how FREAKING AMAZING this last week was. We had the opportunity to set up at the Regard Magazine Pre-ESPY Event in Bel Air and it was INCREDIBLE. 

- Always keep your eyes open for the opportunities you're seeking. They're there when you ask for them. 

- FOCUS is the key word. If you're doing ALL the things, you're really doing none.

- Try my post-it trick that I learned on the Biz Chix Podcast! Prioritize your to-do list and put each item on a post-it, then stack them in order of what needs to get done. Then ONLY work on the top post it until it's done. 

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