41: Age is Irrelevant - Confession with Helen Fritsch

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Our guest... Helen Fritsch

60+ life long competitive athlete, Flight Attendant, published fitness model, writer, IFBB Bodybuilding Pro, Certified Wine Specialist who believes that age is irrelevant to pursue goals, dreams and desires. I’m here to prove that your age shouldn’t govern your way of thinking or your actions. Your age should also never define you! It’s never too late to jump outside of the box and take that leap of faith to get where you want to go and be! My greatest accomplishments were a result of being afraid and not knowing what consequences would happen as a result of my bold and uncertain actions. Trusting my gut and my instincts have become invaluable to me. Constantly evolving. Constantly a work in progress. Constantly re-creating midlife. Constantly believing the best is yet to come! I don’t specialize or carry any specific health related credentials. The only thing I’m certified in is life!


Helen Fritsch

At 55 I wanted to get in the best shape ever.


The Conversation

Helen is 60 years old (until her birthday on July 18th... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and showing that age is seriously just a number

She's been an athlete all her life, and lettered in 4 sports back in high school

She went from working in a wine shop to turning IFBB Pro!

She's been a flight attendant with American Airlines for over 32 years, and shows that living this lifestyle can be done no matter what your days are like

Helen lives by her food scale and measures everything to stay on track




This is a fun new segment we're doing with all our guests! 

What are you most excited about right now? Starting my own podcast

What is the best under $100 fitness or wellness purchase you've made? My food scale

What is your best piece of advice for a fellow fit chick? Regardless of your goals & ambitions, take baby steps and you'll get there.

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