40: [WSSL] Self Awareness & Sisterhood with Karey Northington

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OUR NEW BACKSTAGE APPAREL IS HERE! I'm so excited to share that we can now outfit you on AND off stage. Customization is also available.


Back stage Outfits!

Comfortable and Practical for your next show.

The Mindful Fit Chick - Pre Workout Meditation

I just launched a new podcast, that will be full of 5-10min meditations specifically designed for pre-workout. These meditations will help align your mind to your fitness goals.



Work Smart, Stress Less #WSSL

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Karey Northington

Karey Northington is the owner of Northington Fitness and Nutrition, ProteinHouse Gilbert, writer/ blogger, and a published fitness cover model. She holds a Bachelor's degree in both Nursing and Psychology. Karey is a CISSN certified sports nutritionist and certified personal trainer. She is an IFBB professional athlete in the bikini division. Karey knows how to work smart and stress less- this wife and mom has built a multiple six-figure fitness business while working full- time as a school nurse. 




We are looking for several models to join us in Los Angeles! To Apply send the following to info@amandalouiseswimwear.com:

1. Name & Contact Info (Email / Phone)

2. Current Sizing (Bra Size, Shirt Size, Bottoms Size)

3. Current Front and Back Photos in Bikini (Does NOT need to be professional but must be current)



The Conversation

It can get lonely going on a fitness journey. Let's talk about it.

The Momentum Podcast is AMAZE-BALLS! < Check it Out >

Focus on eliminating the pressure and noise

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

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