15: PCOS, Building a Team, and Her NO DRAMA Policy - Confession with Lacey Aslett

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Our guest... Lacey Aslett!

Hey Babes! I am absolutely honored to be able to share my journey with all of you. Just being a part of this amazing empowering movement within the female fitness industry is so humbling to say the least. I hope you enjoy not only this episode, but ALL of them. 

I am the owner of my own online Personal Training & Bodybulding Coaching business, Belle Force Fitness. I started my business in hopes to form a very supportive and humble community of women that emower one another in whatever their personal goals may be. I formed a group within our community called the Belle Force Babes that volunteer their time to support our brand new fundraiser that helps support and fund local women within our community diagnosed with breast cancer. The funding goes towards our Warrior with treatment and personal expenses. I am very proud to say they the least with amount of support these women give daily! I have been a competitor myself for 5 years now, two times NPC nationally qualified, and have a plan to earn my Pro Card this year. It has been a huge dream of mine, and I am very determinded to make it a reality. 

I am also a student double majoring in Exercise Science & Dietetics. My own health issues have brought me to the career path I could not love anymore. The passion behind what I do stems from wanting to find answers for not only myself, but for others suffering with the same issues. PCOS & endometriosis have been in my family for years, so I am on a mission to be an advocate and help find a cure for all of us. 

I would love for you to follow along on my mission and journey!

Website: www.belleforcefitness.com

Home - Belle Force Fitness

www.belleforcefitness.com - Welcome to the home of Team Belle Force!

Instagram: @Laceyaslett

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/lacey.arbaugh



Lacey Aslett

I give my clients the good, the bad, the ugly.


In This Podcast

Lacey has to deal with PCOS, which among other things causes a slow metabolism.

Her diet is low carb (from being pre-diabetic). She also has to avoid eggs, oats and red meat.

She's been nicknamed the "Baby Maker" as she's known for helping women get healthy and in a point that's great for getting pregnant! 

Favorite Snack - Chia seeds with cashew milk and peanut butter and fruit.

Lacey does a macro based meal plan, and splits her workouts upper & lower body.

We talk all about the idea of "period power". Tune in to this... it's SO GOOD!

Lacey's Favorite Apps

Macros+ - for tracking macros

Water Logged - for tracking daily water intake

iPeriod - for tracking your cycle

Eve - another one for tracking your cycle

The Belle Force Babes Calendar

Belle Force Fitness's "Belle Force Babes" calender has been created to support local Warriors within our community that have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The proceeds go directly to our Warriors to help cover the cost of treatments and personal expenses. Women need their tribe to look to for support and healing, so we want to create a movement tp bring more people together and help those in dire need of extra strength. We call our Warriors, Wonder Woman, because of their amazing courage. Our Motto: Big or Small, Save them All!" 60% of all proceeds will be donated to the cause. 


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