16: The BEST Advice from a C-Suite Exec and NQ'd Bikini Athlete - Confession with Judith Dicker

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Our guest... Judith Dicker!

Judith is a Nationally Qualified NPC bikini competitor.  She is a bikini posing coach and online fitness trainer.

Originally from South Africa, Judith is a former Miss Teen South Africa winner and was featured in several commercial ads.  She continued her passion for the stage by teaching runway and commercial classes to inspiring models while obtaining a Bachelors degree in Finance and Accounting.

Judith makes health and wellness a focus in everyday life and has a passion for helping women develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise.



Judith Dicker

You can't be perfect every day.


In This Podcast

Judith started her career with a BANG by being named Miss Teen South Africa. Then it turned to heart ache as she found out she was extremely ill. Her thought was "If I could only be normal, I'd be happy."

SHOUT OUT to her trainers over at Pro Physiques!

When you have a job where you have to go out to eat, plan your day around that meal. Check the menus and make your macros work for you!

Due to the nature of her career, Judith competes as "Judith Dicker" which is NOT the name on her business card!

You have to love yourself, and you can't be perfect every day.

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Some Corporate Advice

Know your worth and stick to it.

Find mentors.

Don't wait for people to ask you to do something, just do it. 

To the working girl who wants to compete - Always be respectful. Don't get side tracked by others wanting to get you off course. Set celebration dates for after your show so everyone has something to look forward to. It doesn't help to get offended when people don't understand your choices. STAY POSITIVE.

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My Fitness Pal

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Instagram - @ju9ith

NEW Blog!!! - www.newlivingfitness.com


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