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Option 1 - RENT a Bikini

Yup, you can RENT a pro level bikini with AmandaLouise!! The process is pretty simple. 

1) Visit the Rental Collection to view our suits

2) Fill out a Rental Request to see if the suit you like is available

3) Pay the Rental Fee/Sign the Rental Contract and get ready to ROCK a pro level suit for the fraction of the price!

*** Questions about renting? Visit our Rental FAQ Page

Option 2 - PreDesigned Suits

Purchase a pre-designed suit from the AmandaLouise Collection. You can swap out the fabric color, stone color, and connectors! Below are just a few... click below to check out all the suits in the collection.

Option 3 - Custom Design 

Want to create something that is totally unique to you? OH HELL YES, let's do it! There's three ways to start the custom design process.

1. Book a FREE Design Consultation with ME! We'll talk about the look you're trying to achieve, what would look best on you on stage, and nail down a design that will make you look freaking flawless. To learn more about design consultations, click below.

2. Request a FREE Design Proposal. Ok, let's face it. There are SO many amazing suits online. There's new designers coming onto the scene all the time, and their work is incredible! This leaves a lot of my clients feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. Well, I'm here to help. You can fill out my online questionnaire, send over a couple pics, and I'll create 3 designs just for you. Then you can just pick one, tweak one, or we can simply start over. The goal is to always make sure you feel AMAZING in your suit. To learn more about Design Proposals, click below.

2. Book an in-person appointment. If you're local to Arizona, then we can start the process in PERSON! We are located in Oro Valley... north side of Tucson.

Option 4 - DIY Designer Packs

DIY Designer Packs are your way of channeling your inner creative skills and doing your own crystal work on your suit!!! Here's how it works:

1. Pick your base suit color and connectors. You can schedule a Design Consult above if you need help with that.

2. Based on your budget, choose the crystal level you want to create, including the crystal colors.

3. Purchase your DIY Designer Pack right here on the website and receive your materials in 1-2 weeks. It will include your completed suit, crystals, crystal glue, and a crystal applicator. We also include detailed instructions to make things easier!


Want to check out all the options for fabrics, crystals, and connectors??

Visit our Design Elements Page.

I have been competing since 2013, and creating custom competition suits since 2014. I would LOVE the opportunity to help you SHINE on stage. You're working your ass off (or on! hehe) and you deserve to wear a high quality, gorgeous suit when you step on stage. Let us be there for you... let us help you show those judges how beautifully badass you are.

- Amanda