Letters to a First Time Competitor...

That first prep. Your first SHOW. Maybe it will be everything you hoped for and more... maybe it will be with a terrible "coach" who gives you a crash diet and leaves you in a serious rebound post competition (I pray that isn't the case)... maybe you'll be somewhere in between. No matter what, there are bound to be things you wish you would have known. 

I work with a lot of first time competitors, and I can't help but want to share everything I have with them so they don't feel ANY stress at their first show as a result from being unaware or unprepared.

So my beautiful badass, if you're thinking about competing in 2017... this blog series is for you.

I'm dedicating "Letters to a First Time Competitor" to the beautiful girl reading everything she can to get ready... following that coach's plan to a "T"... wanting to do her absolute BEST as she takes those glorious first steps onto the stage. This will be all the things I wish I would have know. Some practical (like geezus, show day is LONG) and some much more personal (like how to deal with friends and family who don't support you.) And if you HAVE stepped on stage, but are looking for additional guidance... girl, I got you. (Cause I was SO you a few years ago.)

Let's sort through the bullshit and get real.

This whole #preplife can be hard, but it can also be awesome. Let's choose the later shall we?

If there are certain questions you have that you're finding way too much crap info on, or maybe no info on, leave a comment. Let me know. If you don't want to comment here, you can always email me directly (amandalouiseswimwear@gmail.com) or use the contact page through the link in the navigation. I'd love to include topics that YOU are looking for. Nothing is off limits. 

Stay beautiful...