12 Days of Holidays - Day 6: 7 Beauty Hacks for Fitness Chicks

If you've ever met me... you'd know that I'm a long hair, dont care (on the top of my head), little to no makeup, lucky if I'm not wearing PJs kind of gal. That said, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to go from work at home slob to beautifully badass boss lady in a jiffy! Here's my favorite...

1. DRY SHAMPOO - Ok. If you're not on the dry shampoo train, you MUST be living under a rock. I swear by this stuff. Having super long, super thick hair means it takes a super long time to wash/dry. Ain't nobody got time for that! Here's my favorite dry shampoo for you to check out.

2. BOLD LIPSTICK - This one, I have to say, is a new adventure for me. I've never really been a lipstick girl, but I LOVE how it looks on other women. SO, after a nice little nudge from my bestie and her sisters I bought my first deep red, long wearing matte lipstick. UM, LIFE CHANGING. My husband says I look like a vampire, and I say... tilt that neck honey, I'm hungry. hehe. My favorite long-wear matte so far is from Stila. I'm also a big fan of the matte glosses from MAC and NYX.

3. AEROSOL LOTION - I am the Queen of laziness when it comes to self care. I live in freaking Arizona and NEVER remember to put lotion on. Terrible. BUT, I found the aerosol lotion this year and it makes the chance of me applying a desperately needed layer of moisturizing goodness about 11 times more likely. So quick, light to pack... I'm a fan. Here's the one I normally use.

4. ROSE OIL - This one I have to give 100% credit to my best friend Ellen... she's a licensed esthetician  (among other things) and turned me onto this amazing product earlier this year. Like many fitness girls, I battle some hormonal acne. I was using what I call "Jr High kid facewash" and doing anything I could to try and zap those zits. My amazing best friend told me that I'm definitely OVER drying out my face, causing my skin to over-produce oil and bad stuff... hence the gnarly pimples. She recommended this rose oil. Yes, it's a straight up body oil that I'm telling you to put on your face. Yes, I freaked out a little too... but let me tell you, it is MAGIC. Or at least it was for me. Rose has natural pH balancing properties so it's awesome for hormonal acne. You only have to use a TINY bit, like the size of a pea, for your whole face so it lasts forever. Honestly, my face looked better in just a day or two. I definitely recommend trying this out if you're battling any kind of hormonal skin issues.

5. FACE WIPES - This is another one for taking care of fitness acne. If you're like me, and love to really get a good sweat at the gym, it probably means your skin gets beat up a bit from it. I tried throwing my facewash in my gym bag and remembering to wash my face before I headed out (I usually don't go straight home... there's more than likely an errand or two on the way) but I forgot 99% of the time. So, to make things easier, I started keeping cleansing face wipes in my gym bag so i could just wipe down and go... even if I didn't remember until I was in my car. They definitely help (and are handy to have if you spill your pre-workout powder too!!)

6. LASH EXTENSIONS - Yes, they're pricey. But girl, I am a HUGE FAN. I freaking hate mascara... like with a passion. I'm not sure what it is, but I feel like I've tried every brand on the market and within a couple hours I look like a damn raccoon. I bit the bullet a while ago with my first full set of lash extensions and have never looked back. They have NOT made my natural lashes fall out... I know it DOES happen, but that usually means the wearer of the lashes is messing with them too much, or they had the lash stylist apply ones that are too thick/heavy. My lashes are my one expensive habit that I will not give up. If you have an Amazing Lash Studio in your town, I highly recommend them. Good prices and I really like the lashes they use.

7. WET BRUSH - Another long hair, dont care tip here. My hair tangles pretty much just from me breathing. The invention of the wet brush is a true God send. If you have hair that is a nightmare to brush out after you shower, you MUST check out this brush. There's a few out there on the market, but this one is absolutely my favorite.


So, there you go!!! Some fun beauty hacks to try for the start of the new year. Have a favorite beauty routine you want to share?? COMMENT BELOW!

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