12 Days of Holidays - Day 5: 8 End of Year Survival Tips

This time of year has a tendency to make us feel stressed out, spread too thin, anxious, or whatever else. Between normal responsibilities and the addition of holiday shopping, parties, and more—even fun stuff—we can get wound a little tight. Now is NOT the time to neglect taking care of yourself.


So, here are some tips to keep your cup full so you can have fun and keep on celebrating!


  1. Try to stick to your usual schedule. From your regular workouts to normal bedtimes, keep it as close to normal as possible. Sure, it’s tempting to stay up really late watching Christmas movies or tying one on at every holiday party, but you’ll feel so much better if you stick try to stick to what works.

  2. Take it easy on the wine. And eggnog. And beer. And champagne. Whatever booze strikes your fancy. I know this list is a lot of don’ts, but really, booze is fun, but this time of year we tend to overdo. Hangovers are not cool and make you feel so yuck.

  3. It’s okay to say NO. If you’re tired or not feeling in the mood, it’s okay to duck out on that one gathering. Or all of them. This season is about fun, but if you’re not having fun or just want to spend the night on your sofa in yoga pants, DO IT.

  4. Put yourself on your to do list. Yep, warm bath? Yoga class? Coffee with friends? Keep those things on your list and make sure you follow through.

  5. Ask for help. Whether it’s someone you pay (house cleaner!) or just a friend or partner, open your mouth and tell them what you need. No one can read minds, so if you need something off your plate, delegate!

  6. Be present. No, not be a present, but be present. Live in the moment and soak it in! Blissful night by the fire? Decorating the tree with loved ones? OCD wrapping jobs? Whenever you find that “it” moment, just be there. It doesn’t need to be Instagrammed, it needs to be enjoyed.

  7. Speaking of Instagram, don’t get caught up in the social media hoopla and brag fest. Keep in mind that you’re seeing everyone else’s highlight reel, and they’re probably as much of a hot mess as you feel. You don’t have to one-up, and you definitely don’t need to compare. Do you!

  8. Let it go. Really. Grandma’s passive aggressive comments? Yeah. Perfect handmade, hand-wrapped, Pinterest-inspired gifts for your office pals? That too. A picture-perfect holiday? Bye. Your own expectations and negative self-talk? BYE GIRL. The more you let go and just roll with it, the happier you’ll be, so try to keep some perspective and really just let that shit go.


There! That should help. At the very least, give yourself permission to do things that make your life easier and the holidays a little more fun. You don’t have to do it all, and you don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself to make everything perfect.

Amanda Freick