84: Surviving the Camp Fire & Finding Control in Insanity - Confession with Kristen Horst

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Today’s Episode…


Kristen Horst

Our guest... Kristen Horst

Kristen Horst is a Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Gluten Practitioner, and a Functional Nutrition Lab, Full Body Systems Graduate.  Because of her health history and her son's, she became fascinated with the effects that diet and lifestyle can have on a body. Her passion is helping others improve their lives through diet and lifestyle modifications so that they can feel confident and live a life that they love while feeling fabulous.

When she is not helping clients and further educating herself, she enjoys spending time with her two amazing kids and loving husband.  They enjoy hiking, backpacking, swimming, and just being together.

The Conversation

Kristen is an INCREDIBLE woman who last year survived the Camp Fire in Northern CA, but lost almost everything. She proves that even during the most stressful times, you can keep your family healthy

She had a major brain injury and shares the struggles of that

She’s been a surrogate TWICE!

Want to fix a leaky gut? Kristen recommends cutting gluten and dairy. Also, try out L glutamine and marshmallow root.

The Burnout with Kristen…

Best $100 or less on Fitness or Wellness: Jessie Hilenberg and Ashley Horner programs

What are you MOST excited about? My career

What is your BEST piece of advice? Think ahead, be prepared and have your WHY.

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