64: From Ballet to Bodybuilding - Confession with Lindsey Mae

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Today’s Episode…

Our guest... Lindsey Mae

My name is Lindsey Mae, and I am a 21 year-old nationally qualified NPC Bikini competitor that learned the mind, journaling & self-awareness, and a deep intrinsic love for whatever it is you are pursuing are some of your most powerful weapons. I live in Jacksonville, FL and I am a student at the University of North Florida, work at lululemon, have been vegan for 6 years, put my faith in God, and only want to use bodybuilding as a platform to impact others. My purpose is to show others that if they choose to take action, they can literally see the dream come to life that they might have nonchalantly tucked-in the back of their mind. 


Lindsey Mae

‘I’m not a hot bag of potato chips when I go into the gym.’


The Conversation

Linsey Mae is only 21 years old and already on an amazing path in her life.

She spent her adolescence in pre-professional ballet… until she got burned out half way through her senior year of high school. The sport left her with multiple eating disorders and a mindset that needed help.

She shifted her life to focus on her faith, her family, her mind, and her friendships. This changed everything

As she entered college, she was looking for NORMAL.

She was introduced to bodybuilding by following women on instagram that were competitors. Big shout out to her original inspiration @faithandfit (Lacey Dunn) and @emilyduncanfitness / @em_dunc (Emily Duncan).

Her first lifting program was Emily Duncan’s delt program. She attributes her great shoulders to starting with this so early in her lifting journey!

A GREAT TIP FOR BEGINNERS!!!! Check out Bodybuilding.com’s Bodyspace app. It has a huge library of free workout videos.

I (Amanda) use the Northington Fitness and Nutrition monthly membership which features videos of more complex movements.

Lindsey Mae began working with her first coach in early 2017. She had gone from 93lb to 133lbs post ballet.

On Halloween of 2017, she thought “Why Not Me. I’m going to do this FOR ME.” And she decided to compete.

She hired Casey Marshall of Team Boss Bodies. Casey has a great program that focuses on overall health, including hormones, and is an all natural team! (love that!) On January 1st of 2018, Linds started her first competition prep

She went on to the Orlando Europa and became nationally qualified. (Dont forget, the new rule is you have to place top TWO to NQ!!!)

Lindsey really focused on getting her MIND right before prep. She knew she was going from one extreme sport to another. Now she feels like she has nothing to hide.

Her word for 2019 is “THRIVE”

Her mindset work is faith based. She believes in treating others with kindness (AMEN!), that it’s never ok to judge and to come from a place of love.

in 2019, it’s all about that IFBB PRO CARD!

Lindsey Mae read her Why Statement… which she has saved in her phone. YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS! It gave me all the goosies.

Her job at LuLu Lemon has really supported her journey.

Her mental game is anchored in her morning routine, which includes journaling, devotionals, and listening to music.

She writes “I AM AN IFBB PRO” at the bottom of every journal entry, and on every workout in her phone. “I’m believing in myself like I’m a pro.”

She has become extremely intentional with putting her faith, family and friends first.

THE BURNOUT with Lindsey Mae

What are you most excited about right now? Getting back on the college campus.

What is the best under $100 fitness or wellness purchase you've made? My vegan leather weight belt from Strength Shop.

What is your best piece of advice for a fellow fit chick? Developing self awareness can be the best weapon that a lot of people dont have. It will make you “freaking strong.”

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