49: [WSSL] Protein - How Much, What Kind, ALL THE THINGS!

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Karey Northington

Karey Northington is the owner of Northington Fitness and Nutrition, ProteinHouse Gilbert, writer/ blogger, and a published fitness cover model. She holds a Bachelor's degree in both Nursing and Psychology. Karey is a CISSN certified sports nutritionist and certified personal trainer. She is an IFBB professional athlete in the bikini division. Karey knows how to work smart and stress less- this wife and mom has built a multiple six-figure fitness business while working full- time as a school nurse. 



The Conversation

Today we talk all about PROTEIN!

When you think about what to eat, you need to base your decision about WHAT ELSE you’ll be eating that day

Calculate your daily protein intake the simple way:

Body Weight in lbs = grams of protein daily


Lean Body Mass = grams of protein daily

Karey’s Example… she’s around 140lbs with probably 110-120lbs lean body mass, so she keeps her protein levels down around 120g

It’s a good idea to bump up your protein intake with age

The research is all over the place, but to be on the safe side… don’t go over 40g of protein per meal

Things to think about when choosing a protein:

Proprietary Blends - lots of brands have this, its not bad, just means you won’t know everything that is in it.

Fillers - If it’s an isolate protein and the serving size in g is not close to the g of protein per serving… um, it’s filler central.

Serving Size - VERIFY THAT SCOOP! It’s a great idea to verify your scoop measurement using your kitchen scale.

Karey’s Favorite Proteins:

Isolean Pro - Isagenix

Ideal Fit Raw (Vegan)

Ideal Fit Whey

Dymatize ISO 100

Some Freaking Awesome Resources For YOU!

Book to Read - Judgement Detox by Gabby Bernstein

Woo Woo Activity to Try - Tapping! Check out THIS VIDEO on "how to stop yourself from stopping yourself."

Events to Attend - Go see Karey give an EPIC talk at FITposium 2018

We also mention the #PRpose event hosted by Nicole Myden. This one is sold out, but holy crap go follow Nicole on instagram (@nicolemyden) and get ready for an amazing recap next week! She is literally the QUEEN of PR. 

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