31: Health, Fitness and Becoming an Instant Mom - Confession with Shelby Christensen

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Our guest... Shelby Christensen

My name is Shelby Christensen. I am married to my best friend Chris and we have two beautiful children that I inherited when Chris and I got married and became an insta-mom. Health and fitness have always been a huge part of my life, even in the times where I have struggled the most whether it was emotional struggles or physical struggles. I am a first-time bikini competitor and have a goal to compete in my first show in April 2019. I am a physical therapist assistant and just love working every day in the field. I love making goals that challenge me and push me to my limits. I want to be able to just motivate and show people that anything truly is possible if you dedicate your time, and don't let others tell you that you can't. Get your squad and keep them close, because they will be the ones you will lean on in the hardest of times. 

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Shelby Christensen

My goal is to get off the medication. [on being diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism]


The Conversation

You guys... Shelby becomes a little bit of a soul sister in this one. 

She shares that her husband literally lost his job THIS WEEK and they both felt themselves being called to Washington state. They trusted this pull and are now literally on their way with everything lining up perfectly! #ThankYouUniverse You can follow her crazy journey to a new life in the Pacific Northwest in the AmandaLouise Fit Chicks Facebook Group!

Shelby was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism... long story short she got it genetically, and it's adding an extra challenge for her to lose the body fat and get "stage lean". That's not stopping her though, she realizes the stage will always be there and is TAKING HER TIME to make sure she stays healthy.

Her biggest challenge? Becoming an "insta-mom" by marrying a man with two children. We both dig into this one, because holy moly, I was in a long term relationship with someone with a child once and it was SO HARD. Tune in if this one is hittin' home for you.

What is she most excited about right now? The unknown, but knowing that their new adventure in Washington is the right now.

Advice From Shelby

MEDITATE!!! She uses the app Mindspace

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