27: RPMs, Where Do You Spin? - Truthful Vibes

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Truthful Vibes

These episodes will be just me, Amanda, coming at you with a topic or story that is on my heart to share with you. The more we can learn and grow from each other, the more we can all elevate and lead our most badass lives possible! I'm so happy you're here, and to be a part of your life.



In This Podcast

- Meet my Biz Bestie, Mary!! She's like INCREDIBLE. You can check out her postpartum panties HERE.

- Mary and I connected on a very crazy level really, really fast. We think it's because we're the same kind of "high performing."

- The RPM (rotations per minute) Analogy

- How fast can you spin? How do you spin compared to the people around you? Let's start a conversation around this.

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