20: I Have to be Physically Strong for HER - Confession with Erica Long

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Our guest... Erica Long!

34 year old mom to a toddler with Spina Bifida. Been working over a year now to compete for the first time. Past certification in Nutrition and Wellness lead me to researching the world of bodybuilding and upon seeing so many horror stories of starvation diets and bro diets, I’ve been lucky enough to find a coach who has helped me do it the most natural way possible. I’m far from the stage but so far, my journey has been awesome with a coach who definitely is redefining competing, helping a stay at home mom stay on track with her training despite the daily challenges being a mom to a special needs child can be.

INSTAGRAM - @erica__long

Also follower her new page @nourish.her





Erica Long

Really make it a lifestyle...


In This Podcast

Erica shares her story of being a newbie to the fitness competition world.

Her journey includes being a stay at home mom to a child with Spina Bifida.

Her fitness life really started after gaining a significant amount of weight while dealing with the stress of her daughter's condition. She realized she had TO BE STRONG FOR HER.

Erica works with an AMAZING coach, who she proudly recommends. You can learn more about Ryan HERE. Or follow on Insta @TeamFFlex


Advice From Erica

Don't ruin your health for 15 seconds on stage. Be flexible with your show date!

It's a lifestyle, not a chore. Take a step back and pay attention to mindset.

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