13: Sponsorships, Steroids, and Staying TRUE TO YOURSELF - Confession with Cory Hageman

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Our guest... Cory Hageman!

Hey guys, Cory here. Thank you for tuning into today’s episode of Confessions of a Fit Chick. If you don’t currently follow me or would like to know who you’re going to hear today on the podcast, let me give you some background info:

I’m a virtual health coach located in Houston, Texas. I predominately help women get into better shape whether that be in the form of losing body fat, building muscle or in many cases, helping others increase their food intake. I turned pro in the NSL Bikini Beach division in 2016. I am a USAPL powerlifter in the 63kg weight class and have been helping hundreds of women learn the mechanics of weightlifting while getting stronger. If you want to know more or simply get a better feel for me as an individual, feel free to check out my social media platforms and website:


Instagram: @cory_fit

YouTube: Cory fit

Snapchat: @cory_fit

FB Page: Cory_fit

FB Group: Be More than a Body 

Email: info@coryfit.com



Cory Hageman

I don't want to take advantage of peoples insecurities with their bodies...


In This Podcast

We talk about SO MUCH, but here are some of the highlights.

Coaching - Cory's philosophy and what to be looking for


Steroids - Yes, the "S" word. 

Setting Boundaries - it's YOUR body and YOUR journey


Cory's Newest Venture - Videography!

Cory will be spreading her videographer wings at the NSL competition in Houston on March 10th. Definitely get in touch with her if you are competing there, or if you're in the area and would like to work with her!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this episode! Leave a comment or reach out to me directly at info@amandalouiseswimwear.com



Amanda Freick