DIY Designer Pack

DIY Designer Pack

from 169.00

Sizing will be determined AFTER your purchase. You will receive a preliminary sizing questionnaire to make sure your suit fits like a glove!

DIY Designer Pack Includes:

Completed & Fitted Suit with 5 Connectors

Desired Crystals

E6000 Crystal Application Glue

Wax Tip Crystal Application Stick

Pink Tip Craft Syringe for Glue Application

Crystal Level:
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Once you select your item, you'll be asked to fill out a form that will let you choose up to THREE crystal colors. If you want more colors, or more of one color over another, PLEASE INCLUDE THAT IN THE NOTES at checkout, or contact us directly.

On that form you will also choose your connectors and fabric color.

Here is a link to our FABRIC, CRYSTAL, and CONNECTOR options.