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I get emails and messages all the time from women looking for sponsorship. It's not always easy initially, figuring out their intentions. Do they really like my brand and want to represent AmandaLouise? Are they just looking for a free suit? Well, as I launch my next athlete search, I thought I would share what I'm looking for in my future athletes.  

Commitment to the Stage - I'm looking for women who are planning on competing this competition season. (Through Dec 2016).


Commitment to being CLASSY - Ok ladies, we all know if you put a picture of your ass on instagram you'll get a ton of likes and (sometimes creepy) followers. Now, I'm not talking a back pose picture from your comp, TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Anyways, I'm looking for women who are putting their best foot forward on social media and gaining a following because they have content that motivates and inspires other women to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Commitment to my Brand - Yes, that's part of the deal. You gotta represent!!!! That means I'll expect you to tag, post, like... ya know, all that stuff :) My goal is to have women who are PROUD to be part of the AmandaLouise Competition Team!!!


As a competitor myself, I know there's a lot of drama out there... but there's also a lot of seriously amazing, beautifully badass babes who work their asses off and lift each other up along the way. I have made some of my deepest friendships through the bond of competing. Let's face it, we're freakin' nuts to do this sport. But we love it, and we share it, and we want to see it grow. SO, if that sounds like you... if you have a true PASSION for this sport and want to be represented by a brand that is all about YOU as a competitor and helping you flourish in this sport and in life, then I encourage you to apply!!! But before clicking the "APPLY NOW" link below, make sure you've done the instagram requirements!


  • REPOST the Athlete Search post from the @AmandaLouiseSwimwear instagram page. Include #AmandaLouiseAthleteSearch in the post
  • FOLLOW @AmandaLouiseSwimwear
  • TAG 3 friends who need a suit this year!
  • Apply using the online application form (found through link below and also on home page)





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