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Bikini Posing is so extremely important when it comes to the overall package you bring to the competition. Unfortunately, many women do put enough emphasis on practicing in their crazy high heels, and spend all their time in the gym and meal prepping. You can have an AWESOME physique and end up totally disappointed if your posing is not on point. I HIGHLY recommend teaming up with someone in-person for your posing needs. Can you accomplish something over a video session? Absolutely... but seeing it in person is just a million times better.

The most vital issue when choosing someone to help you with posing, is making sure that person UNDERSTANDS BIKINI POSING, and doesn't just have a few poses they know that they force every competitor in to. I can't tell you how many clients I've had that were put in some "typical" front pose that was just WRONG for their body! A little twist here, move your arms there, and BAM! Totally different look.

If are wanting to start figuring out some moves on your own, and are overwhelmed by the results in a quick YouTube search... here are a couple videos that I recommend.

NPC Bikini Posing Narrated by Head Judge Sandy Williamson.

This video is good because it's the BASICS brought to you by a head judge in the IFBB/NPC. Do I love the posing? Nah... India Paulino (the athlete in the video) poses quite differently now... except for her signature hair flip! The point is that you have basic guidelines, and you want to move within those guidelines in a way that suits your body the best. Me? I would NEVER flip my hair. It's just not my personality... so if I tried, it would look forced and awkward. Let those little moments of personality within your posing be YOU, things you do naturally, not something you think you should do because a Pro is doing it.

Nspire Bikini - Athletic Division ft. Sarah LeBlanc

So this video is brought to you by Lee Thompson, Founder of the new NSL organization, and former head judge with the IFBB. This video is great as he goes into a lot of detail about what their organization is looking for, and also because Sarah's first front pose is a little different from some of the "standard" ones so many athletes force themselves into. No matter what organization you compete with, there are tons of great tips in here!



No matter how you pose, your goal should be to look confident and natural on stage while highlighting your best assets. START EARLY and get quality feedback. (And shoutout to Courtney King who I used in the image of this post. She's GORG and always looks dynamite on stage.)

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