Rental FAQ

Why are the rentals no longer on your site?

We've transitioned our entire rental collection over to our new shop, Shine Sugar Suit Boutique. We've done this in partnership with Kickin Crystal Designs to bring you the BEST rental and consignment shop possible!

What's the benefit of Renting a suit rather than buying a custom one?

If you love having a new suit every show, or just don't want to make the large investment into a pro level suit... RENT ONE! This is a great, AFFORDABLE option to wear the suit of your dreams without breaking the bank. Top sizes are listed, and bottoms will be adjusted to fit you.


What does it take to reserve a suit?

The process is pretty simple.

  1. Visit our new shop Shine Sugar Suit Boutique to view the suits currently in the Rental Collection
  2. Request your desired rental by clicking "Request Rental" on any of the rental options.
  3. Within 48hrs, a Shine Sugar team member will get back to you confirming the suit's availability. NOTE: Our rentals are VERY popular!!! We recommend booking your suit AT LEAST 6-8weeks out from your show.
  4. Once confirmed available, you'll receive the Shine Sugar Rental Agreement to sign.
  5. After the Agreeement is signed, you'll receive an invoice for your rental fee and shipping. When that invoice is paid, your rental is locked in.


What's in the Rental Agreement? What are the rules of renting?

Here is a copy of the current AmandaLouise Rental Agreement.


How does the sizing work?

All of the top sizes are listed on the Shine Sugar Rental Collection page. The cut of the bottoms are also listed. (In most cases they are pro cut... our tiniest and most popular bottom.) The bottom connectors will be adjusted for your hip measurement the week before we ship the suit. You will receive a reminder email to send that measurement when the time comes.


What if I want to try on the suit before renting it?

No problem. If you're local to Tucson, AZ you can schedule a fitting. If you are not local, we do a $25 try-on rental period. Fill out the same Rental Request as mentioned above and just make sure to check YES on the request for a try-on. These are only available if you are more than 5 weeks out from your show. AND if the suit is not already rented out with another client. The $25 shipping includes getting the suit to you, and back to Shine Sugar.


When will you ship the suit?

Rental suits are shipped two Mondays prior to your show, assuming you get your measurements to us on time. Again, you'll get an email reminder.


Am I allowed to use Bikini Bite or other bottom adhesives?

Yes, you can. That said, only use it if you NEED it. Some tanning companies and coaches will just slop it on everyone out of habit... if the suit fits your glutes and its comfortable without the adhesive, don't use it. I have written a whole blog on the subject HERE. It is VERY IMPORTANT that if you choose to use an adhesive, that it is ONLY APPLIED TO THE SEAM OF THE SUIT. Rolling on the glue directly to your skin, and pressing down the fabric of the suit will lead to staining, and you WILL be charged damages for the suit as it does NOT come out.


Do you include padding for the top?

YES! We include teddy bear stuffing in all suits. This type of stuffing is super light, molds to all shapes of breasts, and allows for the most natural looking enhancement. If you choose not to use it, simply remove it from the pockets in the top of the suit and place in the suit bag. Also, please REMOVE THE PADDING BEFORE CLEANING.


I'm doing multiple shows back to back... can I keep my rental suit longer than the normal rental time?

YES! Each additional week is $50.


When is the rental suit due back?

All rentals are due back the Saturday immediately following your show. They are also due back CLEAN. That means you need to clean, allow dry time, and ship RIGHT AFTER your show. Late fees are listed in the rental agreement. We include return shipping materials with your rental.


How should I clean my rental suit?

Immediately after your show, run the suit under room temp water to get off the majority of the tan. You can also take it into the shower with you (take it off your body first!!) after your show. Use a gentle detergent (like Woolite) and a soft toothbrush on the INSIDE of the suit to help remove any excess debris (like bikini bite). Lay flat to dry.


More questions??? Shoot us an email at