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Competition Bikini Pricing

Competition Bikini shopping can be CONFUSING! Swarovski or not? What is Pro Cut? Watch this video with Amanda herself explaining EXACTLY how it works here at AmandaLouise.

If you don't like videos... here's the skinny:

Competition Bikini Designers have pricing all over the board. From $99 to the thousands, it's hard to know EXACTLY what you're getting. The pricing here at AmandaLouise is based on the following factors:

  • Crystals - WE ONLY USE SWAROVSKI! Yes, you can significantly cut cost on your suit (by HUNDREDS) by using a knock-off stone but we believe that if you're going to invest so much time, energy, and money into this journey you should only step on stage in the best. There is also NO comparison to how a Genuine Swarovski Crystal sparkles on stage.
  • Connectors - Our connectors come from a supplier in New York and are TOP quality. This is another area where costs can be saved by going cheap, but NO ONE wants a connector to pop! Our connectors are super strong with high quality rhinestones.
  • The Sizing Process - We can absolutely make your suit with some easy measurements, but to put your mind at ease, we also offer sizing suits. These suits will be shipped to you after your deposit is made so you can try on various sizes to see what you like best. During this process you can also schedule a Video Fit with Amanda to get her opinion.
  • Construction - Our suits are hand made, and all crystals are hand set with E6000 glue. This process takes time, but makes sure every stone is in its place and has enough glue to hold it on through the stretching and twisting of your time on stage!

Standard Crystal Design Pricing


Novice - $159

Just a simple, yet beautiful suit, with no crystals applied.


Basic - $350

The stones are 0.5 - 0.6 inches apart


Medium - $500

Stones are approx 1/4in apart

Jennifer Pro.jpg

Heavy - $650

Stones are approx 1/8in apart. More fabric showing but still a suit perfect for a pro!


Max - $725

The stones are just less than touching,approx 1/16in spacing. This allows just a little bit of the fabric to shine through.

Chaylee Bikini.jpg

Ultra Max - $850

The most bling you can get! All stones touching.

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