9: Stepping on Stage at 40 - Confession with Shenee Gros

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Our guest... Shenee Gros!

A little about Shenee:

Shenee is definitely the "competitor's competitor". She started her journey to the stage as a 40th birthday present to herself, and hasn't looked back since. She's more traditional when it comes to the preparation, and shares some valuable tips on how to be ready for that shining moment.


Shenee Gros

Stepping on Stage at 40

It was a birthday present for myself.
— Shenee Gros


Shenee's Meal Plan & Workout Schedule

Unlike some of our other guests who use a flexible diet method, Shenee (with the guidance of her coach) follows a strict meal plan where everything is planned out. She likes this because it limits the effort she has to put into making the choices of what to eat.

She's not an emotional eater, but her coach does take special care to make sure her meal plan fits what she's going through in life at the moment.

Shenee lifts 6 days a week, and works in 4 days of cardio. More interesting than her typical lifting schedule is her creative workouts she's added in to keep it fun! She does tumbling class with her daughter twice a month, and has also started working in time on an agility ladder and battle ropes.

Shenee's 2018 Goal

land that back hand spring/tuck and bring a very specific look to the stage.

A Tip from Shenee

If you're stepping on stage in a competition, pose for the camera. ESPECIALLY if you're going to use those photos as a guide on what to change for the next show.

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