34: My Vulnerability Hangover - Truthful Vibes

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Truthful Vibes

These episodes will be just me, Amanda, coming at you with a topic or story that is on my heart to share with you. The more we can learn and grow from each other, the more we can all elevate and lead our most badass lives possible! I'm so happy you're here, and to be a part of your life.



In This Podcast

- So I sent out an email to the AmandaLouise VIPs yesterday, and I really opened up in it. 

- Immediately after I started getting a Vulnerability Hangover, you know... the "ugh why did I do that?!?!?!?"

- Then, the love started pouring in. So much love. I can't even handle it. This community is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Getting vulnerable is scary, but also powerful. The AmandaLouise Fit Chicks are ALL ABOUT supporting other women in whatever they need. So if you're not in the FB group, join below!

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