3: Positive Thinking Turned My Life Around - Confession from Sara Elizabeth

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Sara Hobbs is a one AMAZING woman. She shares her story of horrible health issues, surviving a suicide attempt, living through an insane car crash, and coming out the other side stronger than ever. There is SO MUCH to take out of this episode... here's just a few highlights.

A little about Sara:

  • Owner of Ground Zero AZ - Fitness and Athletic Performance Studio
  • ASCA Level 2
  • USA Swim Certified
  • USAT Certified
  • Precision Nutrition Certified
  • 2016 Arizona Women's Open Water Champion
  • Coach for elite triathletes, including Iron Man competitors
  • First Bikini Competition was Nov 2017
Positive thinking turned my life around
— Sara Elizabeth

In 2012, after her tragic car accident, Sara was told she would be wheel chair bound. 3 years later she was the Arizona Open Water Champion, 4 years later she stepped on stage at her first Bikini competition.

We can all make our goals happen. The mental game has always been the biggest piece.

Interviewing a Potential Coach / Trainer

  • Make sure you reveal ALL medical conditions and dietary restrictions. You want to work with someone who is comfortable and qualified for YOUR situation.
  • Go over their training philosophy and requirements. If you can only get to the gym 5 days a week, and they "REQUIRE" 6, it's probably not a good fit if they aren't willing to be flexible.

Sara's Workout Schedule

  • Lifts 6 Days a Week. Focusing on listening to her body to avoid further injury
  • Lifting sessions are 60 - 90min. Longer when going heavy to allow for more rest
  • Cardio in the pool. Being a distance swimmer, her workouts are 2+ hours long.

Sara's Meal Plan

  • Due to an auto-immune disease, Sara is gluten and dairy free. Her caloric intake tends to be much higher than the average bikini athlete due to her endurance training. (Sometimes as high as 4,000 calories!) Sara reminds us that rice is gluten free!
  • She follows a macro based meal plan, until about three weeks out from her show. At that point she switches to a meal plan that is completely defined.
  • A couple of her favorites include vegan protein powder and 

Sara's Tech

PT Hub - Personal Training Software that Sara's coach uses with her

Addaero - Workout & Training Software that Sara uses for her endurance clients

A Tip from Sara

If you get a chance to visit the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado, DO IT!

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