22: [WSSL] Peak Week. Ok Girls, LETS GET REAL.

Work Smart. Stress Less #WSSL

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Karey Northington

Karey Northington is the owner of Northington Fitness and Nutrition, ProteinHouse Gilbert, writer/ blogger, and a published fitness cover model. She holds a Bachelor's degree in both Nursing and Psychology. Karey is a CISSN certified sports nutritionist and certified personal trainer. She is an IFBB professional athlete in the bikini division. Karey knows how to work smart and stress less- this wife and mom has built a multiple six-figure fitness business while working full- time as a school nurse. 




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In This Podcast

The Work Smart, Stress Less episodes will be popping into your podcast feed on a regular basis to bring you amazing conversations with our resident Fitness Lifestyle Guru Karey Northington. 

In this episode we tackle the topic of SCALE WEIGHT. Ugh, right?

For real though Peak Week is NOT a magic 7 days where you instantly become shredded. 

A "12 Week Prep" is completely arbitrary. Do what's right for YOU!

Karey shares her complete peak week philosophy... you DONT want to miss this!

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